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Farm Investment Sales

At Dunlap Appraisal & Agri-Mgmt, Inc., we offer our clients a complete spectrum of property management and consulting services with a promise to provide professional, personalized service.

Farm Investment Sales, Dunlap Appraisal Sioux FallsOur capable management team provides you with experienced professionals who are dedicated to finding:
  • The best tenant for your property
  • Negotiating the type of lease that best fits your goals and land
  • Budgeting, keeping records and supervising your insurance needs
  • Purchasing inputs as necessary
  • Marketing of Crops & Livestock
  • Meeting your soil and water conservation goals
  • Providing financial and informational reports

Once we have determined our clients goals for the farm, we conduct a thorough analysis of the farm, develop an inventory of soil types, past agronomy practices, topography and aerial maps and conduct an environmental review of the property. This information is then utilized in generating a budget and plan for your farm along with recommendations and options for you to achieve your goals for the property.

Part of that assessment will be a review of the various lease options available for your farm:
  • Crop Share Lease where the annual crop income and expenses are divided between the landlord and tenant.
  • Custom Operations where all income and expenses are received by the landlord and an operator is hired to complete the actual farming with his machinery.
  • Bushel Lease where the landlord receives either a percent of the bushels produced or a specific number of bushels per year and pays no expenses
  • Cash Rent Lease where the landlord receives a specified amount of cash rent and pays no expenses.
  • Direct Operation of the farm, where the landlord provides all equipment, crop inputs, hires labor and receives all income from the operation

All of our services are tailored to your specific goals and objectives. Farming today is more complex than anytime in history. We have biotechnology, wide varieties of herbicides and insecticides, global positioning systems, yield monitors, and large modern equipment with a variety of farming practices designed to suit your soil type and conserve the environment. Professional management provides you with an expert in the field of conservation, stewardship of the land, marketing and agricultural production. Hiring an manager in an input similar to seed, chemical or fertilizer. To get the optimum return you need the best and most efficient input for your operation. At Dunlap Appraisal & Agri-Mgmt, Inc., we care as much about your farm as you do, because we profit only when you profit. By hiring Dunlap Appraisal & Agri-Mgmt Inc. as your farm management team, you have hired dedicated, experienced professionals to protect, maintain and improve your farmland investment while maximizing your return on that investment.