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Our Story

For the past 30 years, Dunlap Appraisal & Agri-Mgmt, Inc. has been providing real estate service in eastern South Dakota and western Minnesota.

Dunlap Appraisal History Sioux Falls SDMarket professionals have assisted individual land owners, partnerships and corporations manage, buy, sell and trade real estate. Dunlap Appraisal & Agri-Mgmt, Inc. started in 1975 as Dunlap Real Estate, a company specializing in agricultural real estate sales, both auction and privately negotiated sales, and farm land management, and was located in Colman, SD, a small town approximately 30 miles north of Sioux Falls. This company managed farm and ranch properties from the Missouri River east into southwest Minnesota, recognizing the unique features of each farm or ranch and the goals of the owner in management of the property. In addition to the management activity, numerous real estate auctions and sales that were held annually, a small amount of real estate appraisal work was performed, and Mr. Dunlap worked with a tax consulting practice in Flandreau, SD. The initial company was composed of two partners plus clerical staff.

In 1986, the company underwent a name change to Dunlap & Associates and maintained a focus on the farm management business. During this time, as high as 17,000 acres of farm and ranch land were managed in eastern South Dakota and western Minnesota. These operations ranged from strictly dryland crop operations to irrigated farms and ranches and included one livestock intensive cattle operation operated on shares with a tenant. All types of leases have been utilized over the years, cash rent, crop share, crop share with a minimum cash rent and custom farming arrangements have all been utilized over the years. In 1987, with the changes that occurred in the real estate appraisal industry regarding licensing and minimum qualifications necessary to provide qualified appraisal services, change was again on the horizon, with greater emphasis given to the appraisal side of the real estate business.

Dunlap Appraisal Sioux Falls AgricultureIn 1996 the business was incorporated as Dunlap Appraisal & Agri-Mgmt, Inc., with a focus of commercial and agricultural real estate appraisal and the main emphasis, plus farm management, and real estate sales as part of the diversified services continually provided by this company. Throughout the 30 years of real estate service to the area, the shift in emphasis has occurred with changes in the market and the specialties of the associates working for the company. The unchanging core value of the company has been to provide the highest quality of real estate services possible, with a desire to serve the public and their real estate needs. Mr. James Dunlap, principal owner in all of the above companies, became an Accredited Rural Appraiser, ARA, in 1993 with American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers, and is an MAI Associate member of the Appraisal Institute. Course work necessary to the MAI designation has been completed, with a demonstration report, comprehensive examination and experience review as the remaining steps in completing this designation. The designation of ARA, and the course work completed for the MAI professional track has proven beneficial to the clientele needing Summary Appraisals of commercial, industrial, and agricultural properties in South Dakota, and Minnesota. Farm management and agricultural real estate sales activities have remained concentrated in eastern South Dakota and southwestern Minnesota, and currently consist of row crop operations, hay and pasture management, with some properties now adding hunting opportunities to their farmland asset.

Looking forward, Dunlap Appraisal & Agri-Mgmt, Inc. remains poised to continue providing quality appraisal, farm management and sales services with a qualified staff to meet those needs. As a small company, we can tailor the service to meet your specific needs.